Petit bites at St. Tropez

Bitterballen mosterdmayonaise 8 st. 7.95

Deventer brokkelkaas mosterd 9.50

Kaasstengels chilisaus 8 st. 8.95

Gemengd bittergarnituur
mosterdmayonaise & chilisaus 12 st. 10.95

Vegetarische bittergarnituur
kruidenmayonaise 12 st. 10.95

Nacho’s kaas, tomatensalsa,
bosui & chilisaus 8.95

Calamares aïoli & citroen 8 st. 7.95

Tatsuta Kara age krokante chicken bites
& spicy mayonaise . 8.95

Sushi & Oesters
Sashimizalm, tonijn, wasabi mayonaise& sushi


Sushi dragon rollgefrituurde garnaal, komkommer& avocado

Sushi Explosiebowl met rijst, radijs, edamame,
mango, avocado & sriracha mayonaise

1 st. 4
3 st. 12
6 st. 24

Call your best friends or favorite neighbor because it's time to 'lounge', St. Tropez Style!
In Dutch we call the social event of having drinks and little snacks "borrelen", and oh boy how the dutch love to "borrel"!
And borrelen at St. Tropez is not just a drinks & snacks. It is enjoying and catching up with our favourite people or.. Just enjoying your time alone.
Our extensive choice of bites in combination with your favorite cocktail  make for the perfect combination to relax: Welcome to St. Tropez