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St. Tropez Gastrolounge

St. Tropez is a Gastrolounge at the Brink square in Deventer. We opened our doors in 2014 and we have been welcoming our guests with sunny southern French Vibes ever since. In 2018, St. Tropez grew! As an extra floor was added guests can climb the stairs to the charming “ Premier Étage ”.

Now, you may be thinking: What is a gastrolounge?
A gastrolounge is a hospitality place with many faces. It is an all round place. In addition to relaxed dining, you can take a seat to lounge or have lunch. With coffee & pastry, bubbles and bites, beer & petit bites. A place where you can get together any time of the day. With family, friends & colleagues. 
Suitable for small and large groups, your solo zen moment or as a surprising location for your business meeting. And how nice: St. Tropez in Deventer is open 7 days a week! 

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