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Gin & Tonic drinken in Deventer

Oh My Gin and Tonic evening in Deventer

OH-MY-GIN! Every Thursday evening a unique gin tonic is made for only five euros! Beautiful flavors, matching garnishes and stylish presentations make it impossible not to order it.

Cozy with your group of friends on the terrace in the late afternoon sun on the Brink in Deventer. Here, at the nicest square in the Netherlands, if we do say so ourselves!

By any chance on a different day than Thursday at St. Tropez? No problem! With a choice of seven different gin and tonics, there is always something in between!
The always delicious Hendricks Gin with refreshing cucumber or something different with the Crafters Aromatic Flower Gin! Have you ever tasted the combination with bitter lemon? worth it!

  stay for the next working day? We also have a surprising  alcohol-free Seedlip Gin, approved by several gin enthusiasts!

Till Thursday!

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