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Entrance Entrance & Welcome to St.Tropez!

If you visit the St. Tropez ground floor, you will arrive in our coffee corner. In februari 2020 we redecorated this area and turned it into an oasis of colorful lamps with wallpaper that will make you happy. Are you sure you're still in Deventer? Or are you on a Holiday island?

When you walk further to the back of our restaurant, you will find our must see bar: Formidable!
At the bar, the shades of the sea prevail together with a mix of modern and vintage accessories.

Have you seen our record collection yet?

Oh la la, it really is the south of France with a touch of caribbean vibes.

Would you already like to see what's on our menu?
That is ofcourse possible, just click here !

P-St. we also have a first floor

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