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Welcome to St Tropez! Located in the historic center of Deventer, St. Tropez is easily accessible.
Only 5 minutes from the A1 motorway and only 10 minutes from Deventer station.
Want to know more about Deventer itself? We would like to refer to the site of the Deventer Tourist Office

Public transport 
Are you coming to Deventer by train?  Formidable! The 700 meter walk from the station, will take you through our beautiful city center and across the Brink. You will arrive at St. Tropez within 10 minutes. 
Click here for the route to the station to St. Tropez

Official bicycle "parking spots" are available all around the Brink.
Do you prefer to stall your bicycle at a monitored parking area?
There are two optiosn. Right under the Deventer Station or next to the Centergarage(link below).

Coming from a far by highway? It is only a 5-minute drive from the A1 to the city center of Deventer. 
There are 3 parking garages near our Gastrolounge: 
Next to the main shopping street (5 min. walk) 
Center garage "Op de Keizer 1, 7411 TC"
Click here for the route
At the Wilhelmina Bridge (5 min. walk) 
Brink garage "Bokingshang 4, 7411 GG"
Click here for the route
Behind the famous Deventer Charles Dickenstreet/Walstraat (5 min. walk) 
Q-park de Boreel “Borelplein 45, 7411 EH”
Click here for the route

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