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Glutenvrij dessert bij St. Tropez in Dev

Gluten-free food in Deventer

Gluten-free food? Not difficult at all at St. Tropez in Deventer!

This is how our baker can
  request  making gluten-free cakes. Many dishes from our extensive lunch & dinner menu can also be adapted so that gluten-free meals can be eaten. Delicious gluten-free bread is baked for you a la minute and sometimes a small adjustment in the dish is enough to make it  to eat safely.
Such a nice feeling.


Nice lunch or  dine, give  Allergies in advance when booking. This way we can already prepare for this in the kitchen and we can  immediately tell you what is possible.

Also the request  we to the host or hostess  to pass on what  contain the allergies exactly so that the chef here  can take into account.

We always consult with the guest so that we can estimate for ourselves whether the adjustments &  substitute ingredients  whether or not they fit within the allergy.

Questions or tips? Contact
  of course you can always! The fastest way is by phone!

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